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Ricoh Photocopier Dealer In Karachi


DYNAMIC BUSINESS EQUIPMENT is a leading name in supplier of Refurbished & new copier in Karachi, being the best Ricoh Photocopier Dealer In Karachi , We provide excellent value for money with the kind of meticulous quality control that is unique to our organization.

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The Ricoh AFICIO MP 2000 comes standard as a copier, but can be transformed into an all-in-one machine when the print, scan, and fax options are added. You can run multiple jobs without having to refill paper compartments when utilizing additional tray options to make the maximum paper capacity 1,600 sheets. A monthly duty cycle max of 15,000 pages makes the Ricoh AFICIO MP-2000 a great option for medium to large size offices. Print speeds reach a brisk speed of 21 ppm for letter size documents and first copies print in as little as 6.5 seconds.

Toner cartridges (TYPE 1130D) for the AFICIO MP2000 will yield an estimated 9,000 pages at 5 percent. You can choose from the genuine Ricoh toner or Precision compatible. The black drum (B259-2210) that is needed will yield 60,000 pages, but does not include the developer (B121-9640) that will also yield 60,000 pages; it will need to be purchased separately for the Ricoh AFICIO MP-2000. Paragon Copier Solution is the best distributor of Ricoh Photocopier Machines.

          Ricoh Aficio MP 2500

The 25 page-per-minute Ricoh AFICIO MP2500 is a standard copier. Additional functions are available such as printer, fax, and scanner modes. It won the “Pick of the Year” award from Buyers Laboratory Inc in the fall of 2007. When tested, they were found to be extremely easy to use. Ideal for small to mid sized workgroups, the Ricoh AFICIO MP2500 has a monthly duty cycle of 25,000 pages.

Print speeds are quick with a multi-copy time of 25 pages-per-minute; first copies are output in 6 seconds. The Ricoh AFICIO MP2500 has a standard paper sources start with dual 500-sheet drawers and 100-sheet bypass tray. When all paper drawer options are utilized you can reach the max capacity of 2,100 pages. Automatic duplexing is a standard feature; it allows you to convert single-sided input into double-sided output for efficient paper management and professional-looking documents. Paragon Copier Solution is the best Ricoh Photocopier Dealer in Karachi.

The black toner cartridge (841000) for the Ricoh AFICIO MP 2500 is available in either the genuine Ricoh brand or premium Precision compatible. Both choices have an estimated page yield of 10,500 at 5 percent coverage.

       Ricoh Aficio MP 2510

The Ricoh AFICIO MP-2510 was built for quick printing and productivity. First copies are dispersed in as little as 4.4 seconds and multi-copies are output at rates up to 25 ppm. The monthly duty max of 45,000 pages is excellent for mid-sized businesses. If you make use of the automatic duplex function you can cut paper consumption, postage costs, and filing space.

Paper handling starts with the dual 500-sheet drawers that the Ricoh AFICIO MP2510 arrives with. Additional paper trays are available to up the capacity to its maximum of 3,100 sheets. Another option that you can add is the automatic document feeder to keep you productive.

The toner cartridge (888169) will yield an estimated 11,000 pages with an average of 6 percent page coverage. Both the Precision compatible and genuine Ricoh brand are available when changing your toner.


Rcoh Aficio 1035

Ricoh introduced the AFICIO 1035 as a standard copier with a flexible upgrade path. Options include printing, faxing, and scanning; this is great for growing businesses to reduce the initial cost of the machine and add as you go. Multiple copies are dispersed at a quick rate of 35 pages-per-minute; first copies are output in 3.6 seconds. The toner (888062) for the Ricoh AFICIO 1035 has an estimated yield of 23,000 pages when averaging 6 percent coverage. You can choose between the premium compatible and genuine Ricoh brand when purchasing replacement toner.

Paper sources stem from the dual 500-sheet drawers and 50-sheet bypass tray. There are multiple tray options available to reach the 3,550-sheet max capacity. Automatic duplexing is a standard feature on the Ricoh AFICIO 1035 to help save on paper consumption and filing space. One-sided documents are simply converted for two-sided output. The monthly duty cycle is rated by Ricoh at 80,000 pages making it able to keep up with busy document traffic.


Ricoh Aficio 1045

The Ricoh AFICIO 1045 starts as a digital copier with ability to expand into an all-in-one with the optional print, scan, and fax capabilities. Keep offices productive with an output time of 45 pages-per-minute, warm-up in 20 seconds and first prints as quick as 3.6 seconds. Streamline your office work through the AFICIO 1045 with the network connection.

The dual paper drawer can hold 500-sheets of paper on each side. Adjust the AFICIO 1045 paper drawers to hold paper sizes ranging from 5.5″ x 8.5″ up to 11″ x 17″. Create two-sided documents with the standard duplexing in a single-pass. The AFICIO 1045 can finish projects with a number of different finishers.

To save money on the AFICIO 1045 toner replacement Precision Roller offers a Cost-Saving Compatible that delivers the same quality and yield as the genuine Ricoh brand. The Ricoh Aficio 1045 black toner cartridge (888062) yields an estimated 23,000 pages.


Ricoh Aficio 2035

The Ricoh AFICIO 2035 is a standard copier that you can tailor to suit your needs by adding additional options such as print, scan, or fax capabilities. With a monthly duty max of 80,000 pages the Ricoh AFICIO 2035 can keep up with busy document traffic. It has a brisk first copy time of 4.5 seconds and an impressive multi-copy speed of 35 ppm.

Standard dual paper drawers with a 500-sheet capacity each allow for infrequent reloading. Additional trays can be added to boost the paper capacity on the Ricoh AFICIO 2035 to the maximum 3,550 sheets. These adjustable trays can support sizes from half-letter to ledger.

The black toner cartridge (Ricoh 888181) needed for the Ricoh AFICIO 2035 will yield an estimated 30,000 pages at 6 percent coverage. You can choose between the genuine Ricoh brand and Precision compatible when replacing your toner.


Ricoh Aficio 2045

The Ricoh Aficio 2045 series is a customizable copier. With the 64MB RAM (standard) and a quick document output of 45 ppm, powerful capabilities are brought to any office. Customize the Aficio 2045 to fit the needs of your company with the broad range of options including print, scan, and fax modes. The many options and versatility make the 2045 a great choice for growing companies.    Ricoh Photocopier Dealer In Karachi

The monthly duty cycle is rated at 100,000 impressions. The AFICIO 2045 black toner yield is generous for less frequent replacements. The toner (888185) is available in either the genuine Ricoh brand: or save on the Precision premium compatible. Either toner cartridge will yield approximately 30,000 pages with average page coverage of 6 percent.

Fast-paced offices require a machine that keeps them productive. The Ricoh Aficio 2045 offers a host of labor-saving features like; automatic paper selection, tray switching, duplexing, automatic exposure, and zoom to take the guesswork out of copying. The Aficio 2045 80-sheet ARDF efficiently processes one- to two-sided originals up to 11″ x 17″.


Ricoh Aficio MP 9002

You may not be able to predict the future. But you can prepare for it. The RICOH Aficio MP 9002 combines user-friendly customization, access to cloud-based solutions and a sleek, easy-to-use design to streamline an array of everyday tasks efficiently. The services-led platform of the 90 ppm black-and-white multifunction devices offers advanced printing, copying, scanning, and distribution capabilities to ensure fast-moving, intuitive workflows that help reduce total cost of ownership

Choose from three speeds 90-ppm for reliable throughput that helps you transition from one job to the next with ease and efficiency. Users can consolidate tasks — including copying, printing and scanning — with the Aficio MP 9002. Start quickly and deliver first print times in as little as 2.9 seconds (90-ppm) on a wide range of paper stocks without compromising space or your budget. Extend productivity even further with optional faxing and finishing.Ricoh Photocopier Dealer In Karachi.

Ricoh Aficio MP 9002 is the for commercial usage. Dyna  Ricoh Photocopier Dealer In Karachi  mic offers high quality photocopier machines and reliable services. Ricoh Photocopier Dealer In Karachi .

                    Ricoh Pro C901

Trust the RICOH Pro C901 Graphic Arts + to deliver exceptional quality and performance no matter how large or complex your applications. Robust engine construction provides the reliability and durability your production-class environment needs. Wide media versatility and professional in-line finishing options expand the range of jobs that you can accept. Powerful EFI Fiery print controllers offer advanced color and job management tools to execute sophisticated document assembly and VDP workflows with ease.

CPrint at 90 ppm regardless of media type, weight or when duplexing — and always at 1200 x 1200 dpi (productivity may be affected with paper weights between 300–350 g/m2). Ricoh’s PxP™ chemical toners and oil-free fusing technology deliver near-offset results with smaller, more uniform toner particles for sharper images and better fills with a matte finish. Quickly replace high-capacity toner bottles and reload paper trays while running for uninterrupted performance. Achieve consistent image quality with advanced image stabilization, single direction development, mechanical paper registration, enhanced fusing technologies, automatic calibration adjustments, and more.

Ricoh Pro C901 is the best colour photocopier machine for commercial usage. Ricoh Photocopier Dealer In Karachi offers high quality colour photocopier machines and reliable services.