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Per Copy Cost Scheme

Per Copy Cost Scheme: If you really want photocopier machine, but your financial condition can’t make space to buy one, or you are disappointed with the performance of your present copier, so consider our cost per copy scheme. We have variety of copiers of different brands (Canon, Ricoh, and Minolta) all in top class condition imported from USA and Europe to fit your copier needs. We will service it and supply the parts and toner all without any extra charges.


  • 0.80 paisa per copy without paper.

  • 1.30 rupee with imported paper.

You can always change or cancel your program means, you are not obligated to long term contracts. However, we are certain that convenience and low price will make you keep the service.

As your business requirements change, we are happy to upgrade or downgrade your equipment if the need arise.

Please don’t hesitate to call for further information. One of our friendly staff will be in contact with you very soon.